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The Allegro Music Agency derives its name from the knowledge that music fills the human life with unprecedented joy as it enters the depths of our souls. Monika Kartin, the founder and owner of the Agency, is convinced that this joy could be shared amongst everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to enable the musicians to enrich the widest audience with their creativity and interpretation. Listening to music enables not only the composer and the performer to express their inner experience but also awakens the artist in each of us.

The enjoyment of listening to classical music is inevitably connected with the joy of performing, especially as a young artist. For this reason, the foremost mission of the Allegro Music Agency is to promote young musicians home and abroad. Monika Kartin studied music education and has a master’s degree in musicology; in addition she graduated from piano and taught piano for some time. Following her experience as a teacher, she has chosen to show the enthusiasm of young Slovenian musician to the world. For many years Monika Kartin was the classical music program coordinator in the Cankarjev Dom cultural centre. She brought renowned conductors, orchestras and soloists to Ljubljana. Now she is paving the way for the acclaimed Slovenian musicians to international stages and in this way promoting Slovenian culture in the world.

Moreover, the Allegro Music Agency has undertaken another mission – to encourage Slovenian and foreign musicians to play the music of Slovenian composers. When she was still the artistic director of the Slovenian Philharmonics, Monika Kartin regularly included Slovenian composers in the concert programs. It is fully appropriate that their music is heard besides the works of universally recognized composers also on the international stages.

Every cultural brings new artistic and musical enrichment. The Allegro Concert Agency is very happy to invite and arrange concerts for acclaimed foreign musicians in Slovenia and in this way enable the cultural exchange between Slovenia and the rest of the world.

Dr. Edvard Kovač

Translation: Aljoša Vrščaj


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